Sunday, November 29, 2009

how much does that book WEIGH?

you play the enemy, columbian

useful toy, handwash, costume

undo nothing, blue dove

umbrella light, mechanized

the enemy of poetry, why shd

renseignements teletraitement

pish, number of blanks, set

nothing unsellable

I remember her lips

how do you come up with these

golden phantasm, plenuxum

ex-newspapers, poor richard, never

eating serving, food scenes in

the eye drawn, self-constructed

take take take, the sort of art

still room for more writing

start a new unit, a plays

seven copies, do we need a feather

reink our nation, double difference

pteridological section, iliamna

off into the realm, zed, hittin’ it

not about the words, nexist

memory blank, speckled words, crap

less writing, slam!, revoid, reality-

how was your year, distach

eye writing, equo, more than equal

between text, decent paper, yff

at the limits of the eye machine

foreign ex, vegetable text

we thot we had more to say

writing on steel, olympic

trebuchet, using various means

taranaki, cosmopolitan

red fascists, miscibilis

push the publish button, zeq


passing judgement by altogether

now much blank, novonine, ovo nine

missed connections, kitch

no time for joy

mensa dorado, zany imagination

May 11 2008 (pm) 200

May 11 2008 (am) #2

MAY 10 2008 (pm) 300

MAY 10 2008 800 (pm)

massive unpublished manuscript

ka-boomerang, better font

invention from blank, bottledrive

england continent hotel