Saturday, May 30, 2009

then this is not writing?

the visible economy, is this the guy?

slapp-type lawsuits, leave out

bookperson, font event, bright

act on this now, this requires

may kuse, rest udy, the

list of things you can't

you know where we are, let, (version 2)

computer in the sun, copping

the one text, degeneration text,

refer madness

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a non-art place, billblass, just

build dot, build events, lump

computer chicken (souvenir)

famines or feasts, what does the

help yourself to a sheet of paper,

inhuman hand, bradley hand,

leating, hot ice, ta da, open

leave the poem and act


mail fail, many mark, golden

natural sign, this is a wash,


the golden lining, writing so

the trance goes thru, the tangled

the words versus the

you know where we are, let

what can possibly be said,

xif, nigeb, red pool of, sim

you are always already online